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  • Quinence and Supabase have established a robust partnership since the inception of Supabase.
  • Our collaboration with their core team is seamless, granting us early access to cutting-edge features.
  • Quinence builds mission-critical applications on top of Supabase.
  • More about Quinence at www.quinence.com

Moving to the next-gen backend

A comprehensive and confident path to migration

Comprehensive assessment

Migrating from Firebase to Supabase requires careful planning, assessing dependencies, and charting a bulletproof migration path.

Rewrite, migrate, test, repeat

We follow the migration path to the dot and provide an incremental and seamless upgrade to Supabase.

Maintenance and support

We provide long maintenance window as well as knowledge transfer for a confident path forward.

Knowledge hub

Key Queries Clarified

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a comprehensive development platform by Google, offering a suite of cloud-based tools to help developers build, improve, and grow web and mobile apps. It provides functionalities such as real-time databases, authentication, hosting, cloud storage, analytics, and machine learning capabilities, significantly reducing backend coding requirements.

What is Supabase?

Supabase is an open-source platform that provides developers with a powerful, scalable backend service as an alternative to Google's Firebase. It offers features like real-time databases, user authentication, auto-generated APIs, storage, and serverless functions. By simplifying backend development, Supabase enables rapid application development while retaining the flexibility of choosing your own stack.

Why Might Supabase be a Better Choice than Firebase for Enterprises?

Supabase and Firebase both offer robust backend services, but Supabase can be a preferred choice for several reasons. Supabase is open-source, giving enterprises more control and transparency. Plus, it allows self-hosting, enabling data sovereignty and privacy assurance, critical for certain industries. Supabase uses PostgreSQL, a robust, enterprise-grade, SQL-supporting database. This can simplify integration with existing data systems and offer more powerful data operations compared to Firebase's NoSQL database. Supabase has a strong feature parity with Firebase, while providing additional benefits like the ability to choose your own tools and databases. Supabase's predictable pricing model can help better manage costs. In summary, for control, data operations flexibility, reduced latency, tool choice freedom, and cost predictability, Supabase could be a more suitable backend service choice than Firebase.

Is Supabase suitable for enterprise applications?

Yes, Supabase is suitable for enterprise applications. It has several features that cater to large and complex applications with strict requirements. Supabase is SOC2 compliant, the database has Point-in-Time recovery, Prometheus for monitoring metrics, strong uptime commitment with SLAs, enterprise support packages, and beyond.

Does Quinence provide support for migration from Firebase to Supabase?

Quinence is the oldest official partner of Supabase. It demonstrable experience in building products on Supabase and beyond. Quinence has also built the most comprehensive course on Supabase.

Can Quinence help migrate from other cloud providers to Supabase?

Yes, Quinence has previously migrated applications, and of strategic parts of applications, from Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and similar cloud providers to Supabase.

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